Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jif V. Nutella

So this post doesn't have anything to do with unemployment. However, it's something that's been eating away at me lately (and it does show the amount of time I have on my hands).

Which is better for you: Jif or Nutella?

I have it in my head that Nutella isn't any worse for you than peanut butter. Maybe I'm just trying to make excuses since Nutella is the heavenly on the tongue. Can you tell which one I like better? So I got out the jars to do a full comparison. I actually do not have Jif, I have the store-brand peanut butter since I can't afford luxuries like name-brand foods. I did, however, have to spring for the name-brand hazelnut spread since there is no store-brand.

Here we go-

Nutella P. Butter
serving size 2 tbsp 2 tbsp
calories 190 200 Yeah, Nutella!
fat cal 100 140 YES!
total fat 11 g 16 g Still good!
sat fat 3.5 g 3.5 g even
sodium 15 g 150 g Take that, peanut butter!
Total carb 22 g 7 g Uh-oh
fiber 1 g 2 g hmm
sugars 21 g 3 g Ouch!
protein 3 g 8g Ugh

Well, I don't think THAT really settled anything. Strictly calorie-wise, Nutella is a slightly better choice. But who only eats two tablespoons? It's impossible. There is a significant amount more of sugar in my beloved Nutella. Sniff, sniff....all this because someone posted a nutella croissant recipe on facebook and reminded me of the spreadable deliciousness. Oh well, I'll probably forget all about nutella in a week or so and won't even remember why I wasted time writing this post.

Maybe they should pull those nutella commercials. I don't remember nutella commercials before...