Friday, February 26, 2010

The rest of your life IS all about SAT scores

My blog must be more popular than I thought! Look at the email I got:

I think it's sad that we haven't spoken in very many years and I am not sure what it is that I did to you, but to write a blog about me and hating me, my life and my accomplishments is just bizarre. That's just horrible and I am still left wondering, what is it I ever did to you? The answer: nothing.

I think it's just pathetic that you feel that I don't deserve the things I have accomplished when you don't even know what it is I have accomplished or how hard I have worked the past 10 years to get to where I am today.

You are right about a few things though...i have a great job, an amazing and good looking husband, an adorable daughter and a nice big house to call home, so yes, my life is good whether I deserve it or not.

Just to clear the record on a few things becuase if you are going to post things about me, then at least make sure they are true...

I was just as smart, if not smarter then you in high school, as I graduated with a 3.95 and a 1420 on my SAT's. I took every Honors and AP class offered except AP Biology. I guess you just thought I was dumb.

I went to Columbia, where did you go to school if you were so much smarter?

I have a JD and an MBA and graduated with honors on both degrees.

My new job as head of a global unit came because I have those 2 degrees, went to amazing schools and worked as a Risk manager prior to this job for one of the largest hotel operators worldwide.

I am a lawyer, as you obviously know, so if you don't take the blog down you will hear from my attorney, especially since it's in a public venue where people can read it and I am putting you on notice.

I hope that you find some peace in your obviously miserable life. As for whoever is feeding you the information about me, as we are not friends on facebook and never will be, so you can obviously see it somehow...tell them they are pathetic too.

See you at the 15 year reunion.

Yes! Can't wait to see you!