Sunday, November 21, 2010

Will this be on the test?

DAUGHTER: [to Wawa Associate] Did you know that "wawa" is the indian word for "goose?" That's why there's a goose on the sign.

So Inappropriate I HAVE to...

DAUGHTER: Why do you have hair on your butt?

ME: I don't know. Everyone gets it when they grow up.

DAUGHTER: Will I have a hairy butt?

ME: Yes.

DAUGHTER: When I'm sixteen.

ME: Probably.

DAUGHTER: Why don't you shave your hairy butt?

ME: I don't know. [But I'm thinking to myself: "I used to have time to take care of that. But now I spend most of my 'free' time having these conversations with a four-year-old."]

I'm Pretty Sure I Only Have One Kid

DAUGHTER'S TEACHER: I didn't know Daughter has two brothers.

ME: She doesn't.

TEACHER: Really? She spent all day telling me all about them.