Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Actively Seeking Employment

I had a "great" idea for a job: reading/editing math text books. I tried to find some textbook publishers in the area. Most of the publishers don't have offices in NJ. One has an office in Hightstown, NJ, but I'm not even sure where that is. Also, it looks like most of the publishers have merged with each other and there are really only three big names. Most of the posted-positions looked like top-management with lots of experience in publishing. Nothing I would be anywhere near qualified for.

Then I decided to look at cyber schools. NJ doesn't have any cyber schools, but PA has about 10. Only one had a math teacher opening and as far as I could tell the position requires going to the site in PA and teaching via distance learning. I was thinking of something where I could teach from home. I'm still going to look into getting my PA certificate before my Praxis scores are too old.

Then I went on wnjpin and searched for math-related jobs. Here are the five I got:

  1. An e-commerce analyst position that I already applied for before I realized it was i n Wayne, NJ (too far).

  2. Statistician for a pharmaceutical company. The position is located in Shanghai, CHINA! Now, I know I searched for jobs within 50 miles of my zip code. Last time I checked China was a little farthur away than 50 miles. Please!

  3. Instructional Systems Designer for the CG. I didn't even understand the job description!

  4. Part-time teacher to provide "services" to students on suspension. Ok, maybe...Salary: $28,500/year. NO!

  5. Part-time A+ instructor. Pretty sure you have to know what A+ is to teach it.

Then I updated my resume on Monster thinking maybe I can get somewhere on there.

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