Friday, December 4, 2009

Career Change

I've compiled a list of jobs/careers I would like to have. Now, I'm not even sure if they all exist, but if (either of the two of) my followers know of any openings or how to get started in these careers, please let me know. And just to clarify, I have to be able to earn a living at these jobs.
1. Video game tester
2. Prima ballerina
3. knot untier
4. test writer
5. test reader
6. secret shopper
7. secret diner
8. secret airline customer (exotic locations preferred)
9. online game tester
10. typist
11. judge for "So You Think You Can Dance?"
12. resume & cover letter writer
13. ice hockey player
14. hockey rink manager
15. movie critic
16. TV critic
17. stage hand
18. tip calculator
19. origami artist
20. regional co-manager of a northeastern PA mid-range paper company (hey if they can have two regional managers why not three?)
21. IKEA display assembler
22. Focus group contributor (especially for mom-related products)
23. math textbook evaluator
24. doodler
25. cartoon colorist
26. trashy novel critic
27. beach bum
28. sports statistician
29. sesame street mupeteer
30. Mattress tester
31. dyson vacuum tester
32. ice-cream taste-tester.
Stay-tuned. If I think of new ones I'll add them to the list!


  1. a high school friend of mine was (is?) #23.

  2. What?! Can I contact this person?

  3. David Marmugi is #1 I think. He works for comcast or something, and he makes a pretty good living from it.