Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Ones for the Medical Dictionary

DAUGHTER: I need that pink medicine that will make my fever better.
ME: You have a fever?
ME: Let me feel your head.
(Hand to Child's head)
No fever.
DAUGHER: PLEASE, Mommy! I'm sick I need the [delicious] pink medicine.
ME: Oh, so you just want the medicine because you like the taste?
DAUGHTER: No, I'm really sick.
ME: What's wrong with you?
DAUGHTER: Child Boring Sickness.
(Sound of mother laughing uncontrollably. Then texting several friends.)

15 mins later....

DAUGHTER: Mommy, I told you I need the pink medicine.
ME: Right, and what was wrong again?
DAUGHTER: Sick Boring Fever.
ME: What happened to Child Boring Sickness?
DAUGHTER: It got worse.

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