Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Tooth Fairy just wasn't ready

So, Daughter has been a little preoccupied with the desire to lose a tooth or two. And that is why I didn't believe her when, a few weeks ago, she told me she had a lose tooth.

"You're only four!" I said.

Then she showed me that one of her bottom front teeth would move when she pushed it back and forth. Gross!

Being the skeptic that I am, I assumed she either bumped it or played with it so much it loosened. (Not sure if that's even possible, but she's only FOUR! She could not be losing teeth already.)

After weeks of hearing about this loose tooth I finally noticed something in her mouth while she was talking to me. I immediately stopped her (and it's not an easy feat to stop her from talking, you know) and held her mouth open so I could get a closer look.

There it was: an adult tooth popping out from the gum behind her (now I believed it) loose tooth!

The next day she had a scheduled dentist appointment (another root canal). When she went back to take her sedatives I told the dentist she had a loose tooth.

He goes, "Yeah, well, what is she six now?"

Here we go again...

"She's four."

"What?! Let me see! Oh yeah, look at that. Well, she's a little ahead."

Great to see the dental professional had a complex medical explanation for this.

While she was numb they actually pulled both bottom front teeth (apparently they were both loose).

The first thing I thought was: She better not lose either of those top front teeth anytime soon. I just paid $600 in June to have them fixed! Daughter's pretty sure it'll happen in a week or two.

Anyway, Daughter keeps telling me to stop making her show people her missing teeth. "It's embarassing!" Well, isn't that what mothers are for?

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