Monday, May 9, 2011

The Day After Mother's Day

No less than 67,548 people today asked me "What did you do for Mother's Day?" My answer? "Cleaned." Was I supposed to do something else?

On Friday, Daughter's school had a Mother's Tea. It was very nice-despite having to sit at tables and chairs designed for 3-5 year-olds. All the kids had a little gift bag for their moms. Daughter gave me a homemade sun catcher and fudge. There was also a piece of paper with sentences an adult must have helped her finish. Here goes... {Daughter's answers are in red. My comments (because I can't let something be TOO sentimental without ridiculing it) are in blue.}


My mommy is prettiest when we go out for dinner. Uh, to McDonald's? Or Sonic? or Wendy's? or Burger King? Oh, must be Five Guys!

My mommy is funniest when she holds me up with her feet like an airplane. Yeah, I'm a hoot.

My mommy likes to lay on the bed and read her book. Jeez, why don't you make it sound like I spend all lazing around?

I love it when my mommy doesn't have meetings and comes to pick me up. Aw man. That's a guilt trip if I ever saw one. I think I'm gonna cry. Who taught this kid? Did my mom help her fill-out this form? I actually wouldn't have been surprised to see something like "I love it when my mommy is fired from her job and stays home with me." Because she says that to me ALL the time. "Mommy, when are you gonna be fired again so you can stay home with me?" Ouch!

Mom's favorite color is green. Actually, it's not. But she "assigned" me green as my favorite color a couple years ago. No one else in the family had claimed green so I got stuck with it. Apparently two people CANNOT have the same favorite color.

My mom like to eat steak and chicken parm. Nice try. Those would be DADDY's favorite foods.

Happy Mother's Day

Love, Daughter

Well, she is a sweetie and I don't know anyone as honest and funny. Mwah! <3

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